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 CFA GC Lottarags Audrey of Chiffondolls (Audrey)
CFA CH Chiffondolls Miss Madison (Madison)
 CFA GC Chiffondolls Audrey's Mini-Me (Mimi)
 CFA GC Supurrrags Smitten of Chiffondolls (Smitten)
 CFA GC Chiffondolls Miss Mathilda (Mathilda)
 CFA CH Chiffondolls Honey Bunny (Bunny)
 CFA GC, RW Raggtown Shandy of Chiffondolls (Shandy)
 CFA CH Kissykat Kalinda of Chiffondolls (Kalinda)

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 CFA GC Lottarags Audrey of Chiffondolls (Audrey)

Audrey is a blue-lynx bicolor girl.
She is the daughter of GC, BW, RW Supurrrags Striper of Lottarags
x GC Lottarags Jazzmine, DM

We are so very happy to welcome another Lottarags' beautiful baby
into our breeding program.    
How can we ever thank Denise Cuzzupe enough for letting us have yet another one
of her gorgeous babies and for all of the support she has been giving us.

Audrey became a Grand Champion at the very young age of 8.5 months
She Granded in Hammonton, NJ November 5, 2011
Click here for our Show page and see more pictures of Audrey

Awards and rankings for the 2011-2012 show season -

2nd Best of Breed for the North Atlantic Region
Best of Color Class for the North Atlantic Region
Ranks 8th best Ragdoll in Championship Internationally
CFA Grand Champion

Picture taken by Chanan in November 2011

Below you can see various pictures of Audrey growing up ;-)

Audrey at 5 weeks (picture taken by her breeder Denise)

At 7 weeks; picture taken by her breeder Denise

Audrey at 9 weeks
(picture taken by her breeder Denise)

Audrey at 3.5 months

CFA CH Chiffondolls Miss Madison

Madison is the daughter of CH Bogart x GC Audrey
and littermate to Stardust Magic
She is a seal bicolor girl (high mitted)

By the time this baby-girl was 1 month old, she totally owned
my heart.  She is Bogart as far as looks are concerned,
but a little clone to her Momma' personality.  I now can't imagine
our lives without this little sweetie-pie.  

Madison at 10 weeks

Madison at 8 months

And here is Madison in Lebanon, PA in December 2012

Madison at 1 year old ...

Awards and Rankings for the 2012-2013 Show Season :

Best Ragdoll Kitten in the CFA North Atlantic Region
5th Best Ragdoll Kitten in the CFA
CFA Champion

CFA GC Chiffondolls Audrey's Mini-Me (Mimi)

Mimi is the daughter of Bogart x Audrey
She is a seal-lynx bicolor babe

Mimi is such a joy to have around.  There is a very good reason why
her name bares her Mom's ... not only does she look a lot like her physically,
but her personality is a total mirror-image of her Mom's.  Total sweetness on 4 paws ;-))

Mimi at 6 weeks

Mimi at 4 months

Mimi at 6 months
Pictures taken by Chanan May 4th, 2013 at the Concord, NH Show




Show season 2013-2014
Mimi is 2nd best Ragdoll in CH with CFA's North Atlantic Region
And 15th best ragdoll with RFCI

In the summer of 2013 Mimi was being shown in CH and
was doing well.  She had accumulated a total of 169 grand points
when we had to pull her from the show halls to be bred.
She had a condition called mammary hyperplasia and in order to
protect her breeding career, she had to be bred on her next heat.

One year later Mimi came back into the show halls and quickly made
2 finals that gave her the 31 points she was missing to become a CFA Grand Champion.
We are very proud of her as is her Momma Audrey.
Mimi became GC # 3 for our sweet Audrey.

She obtained her GC title September 20th, 2014
at a show held in Cortland, NY.


CFA GC Supurrrags Smitten of Chiffondolls

Seal-lynx mitted

A big thank you to Sue and Bill Shorey for this wonderful girl.
Smitten is a big friendly girl who tipped the scale at over
10 lbs at just 7 months.  This girl will be a huge asset to our breeding program.

Our big, mooshy and over-the-top friendly girl,
became a CFA Grand Champion at the show held April 11-12, 2014
in Freehold, NJ.  To Grand such a non-traditional kitty with CFA
is no small thing, but to Grand her in only 2 shows and 2 rings,
is nothing short of outstanding.  Smitten is an amazing
example of our wonderful breed and we feel honored that
she bares ''of Chiffondolls''.

With her size, sweetness and personality, we can only
dream of the kittens she will make with our boys.

Smitten is half sister to our very own
CFA GC Supurrrags Santana of Chiffondolls.
Another non-traditional babe all wrapped up in
blue with those cute white mittens.

You can see pictures of Santana on ''Our Boys'' page.

Smitten was 3rd best Ragdoll with CFA's NAR
Show season 2013-2014

CFA Show Season 2014-2015
2nd best Ragdoll with the North-Atlantic Region
and CFA National Color Winner
(CFA's BEST Mitted Ragdoll)
She is also 11th best Ragdoll with CFA

More pictures of Smitten taken by Richard Katris (Chanan)

The following picture is of Momma Smitten with baby-girl Honey Bunny


CFA GC Chiffondolls Miss Mathilda

Our sweet Mathilda is the daughter of
CH Chiffondolls Miss Madison x GC Supurrrags Santana of Chiffondolls

With such a sweet expression and disposition, she had to stay with us!

Mathilda is a blue point & white girl

She was 5th best ragdoll kitten at the 2014 
Ragdoll International Congress at the young age of 4 months.

She became a CFA Grand Champion at a show
held in Brockport NY in March 2015

Show season 2014-2015
CFA's 2nd best ragdoll kitten for the NAR
RFCI's 7th best ragdoll kitten
RFCI's 12th best ragdoll in championship

CFA CH Chiffondolls Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny is the daughter of CFA GC Supurrrags Smitten of Chiffondolls
and of our very own CFA GC Chiffondolls Stardust Magic

She's a seal-lynx point & white girl

Her name says it all ...
She is sweet as Honey and soft as a Bunny ;-)

Her and Mathilda are Chiffondolls' 2nd generation
We are so looking forward to see what they produce for us!

From the time she was born, she simply took our breath away,
and to this day, she still does.

This is Honey Bunny at 3.5 months

With Momma Smitten at one of her first shows
(4.5 months old)


11-month old pretty Honey Bunny (in her summer coat loll)

Honey Bunny at 14 months in her winter coat ;-))

Show season 2014-2015:
RFCI's 6th best ragdoll kitten

 CFA GC, RW Raggtown Shandy of Chiffondolls

Shandy has a coat to die for and is as well balanced as they come! 
Shandy loves to show and the judges that finalled her
have our utmost gratitude ... as does her breeder Sandy Wuerch!

Shandy is the niece to our wonderful MacMac.
She is out of kissyKat Ruby of Raggtown, littermate sister to MacMac.
To be able to continue working with that precious line is priceless to us. 

To Kathleen and Sandy ... love you both dearly!

Shandy is Chiffondolls' second CFA Regional Winner for the North Atlantic Region!
We are very proud of our precious girl!


2015-2016 Show Season
CFA Grand Champion
CFA Regional Winner (NAR)
CFA National Color Award (2nd best seal bicolore)
CFA's 6th best Ragdoll in the World

CFA CH Kissykat Kalinda of Chiffondolls

What can we say about this sweet Angel Baby-Girl!!!
Her temperament is even sweeter than her looks - sweetest thing ever for sure.

Kalinda is a big sturdy girl with a long a lucious coat.
She is half-sister (same dad) to our very own GC Kissykat Kennedy of Chiffondolls.
We are so very happy that she has joined our breeding program
and thank Kathleen from here to the moon for letting us have this gorgeous
Angel Baby-Girl all wrapped up in blue. 

 She really does look like an Angel ;-)

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